Sunday, January 24, 2010

La Navidad de Nieve

Does it get any better than Christmas? Really? I am just so happy, and love my family so much. It was so wonderful to celebrate with them... We started in Abilene and woke up Christmas Eve morning to a blanket of snow. Eden woke up, leaned over, looked out the window and said "whoa". Cracked us up.

Within an hour or so of waking up we lost power- yikes- and still didn't have any 5 hours later- double yikes. Finally came back on just in time for us to get ready for church. We piled in the car and made the almost 20 minute drive across Abilene, in the snow, on treacherous icy roads. As we rounded the corner and spotted the empty church parking lot, it occurred to us that on the day of the biggest winter storm in recent history, we probably should have called to see if services had been cancelled. Hmmmmm... Back to the house for snacks and presents- NEVER cancelled.

This pic deserves some commentary- you see my sister gave my Mom the famous "French Cuff Classic White Shirt" from Victoria's Secret that she had always wanted. Come to find out Mom went from wanting to buying MONTHS before... The funny part was that Mom was WEARING the famous shirt. We laughed for half an hour...

Uncle Bud gave Eden her first piano. Without question it was the hit of 2009.

We left Abilene, spent the night in Granbury, and then headed to Tyler. Another fabulous time with our fabulous family. Lots of food and lots of fun gifts. It was so fun to watch Eden & Garrett play. They adore each other.

I am overwhelmed by how unbelievably blessed we are. It's really more than I can comprehend, I fully admit. With all my puny human ability, I thank you God for your Son. I look forward to the day in heaven when I can really appreciate and understand what that gift means. I thank you almost as much for placing me in a place and surrounding me by people that speak your name daily. It was an easy choice...

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