Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Little Tomato...

Better late than never! I have no great excuse for just now getting Halloween pictures posted, except that I am STILL amazed at how very little I get accomplished on any given day. I have never been a terribly organized or disciplined person, but I was always able to pretty well disguise myself as one... then along came Eden... I really wish I had nipped some of my inefficient habits in the bud before children, but that's a topic for another day. I will say (before moving on) that I wouldn't trade my inefficient life for any other on earth. Gosh I love that baby.

...Back to Halloween. We took a quick weekend trip down to San Marcos with our good friends Katie, Dewayne, and baby Johnna (Johnna is just 31/2 weeks older than Eden- I know, how fun!). Great weekend for early Christmas shopping, and once again Brett was a champ and watched BabyGirl so I could power shop. True to my roots, I didn't take a single picture all weekend, so I have to be honest and tell that the shot below is from a week earlier at Brett's triathlon- but you get the idea. I giggled every time I looked at her- still do when I see the picture. Thank you Doll for such a fabulous costume!

For any of you that don't know, Halloween is also my birthday. Sweet husband of mine got me four gifts (not including the Starbucks breakfast): 1. beaded make-up bag I'd had my eye on
2. Pepper spray 3. Book on jogging stroller fitness (what is there not a book about) 4. Super cool jogging stroller. I must share that he took all of the gifts (minus the stroller) to Bealls and paid them to wrap them because he knew I loved pretty wrapping (mind you none of them were purchased at Bealls). Isn't that so thoughtful and really funny!? The shot below is of our first jog the other day. May I just say that "pre-pregnant" jogging and "post-pregnant" jogging- NOT THE SAME! Still not sure whose body this is... It was really nice to get back out there though. I'll just be glad when it doesn't feel like my stomach is jogging with me.

The last picture is just because I love it... and her.