Monday, July 6, 2009

The Beach...

Where did June go!!! We have had such a wonderful summer. Eden is getting more grown up by the minute. Suddenly a little toddler is in front of me... She is talking more and more. She says MaMa, DaDa, Bye Bye, NaNa (banana), PaPa, boo (book), Bipe-Bipe (diaper) and her favorite word is Uh-Oh- and let me tell you, she knows exactly when to use it. It is so funny- anytime anything falls or we toss something on the bed or the sofa "uh-oh". I still can't believe how grown-up she is!

We took a fabulous trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama with Brett's whole family in mid-June. It was such fun! I highly recommend it for a great, affordable, family vacation. We really didn't do much, which is the best part, just a lot of pool and beach time. So, I'll just bombard you with pictures...

The first three days Eden was sick with a fever and sore throat, but with lots of prayer it left as quickly as it came!

No doubt these two are cousins...and both look like their daddies!!

First time on the beach!!! Our little strawberry was still feeling kind of puny, but how sweet does she look...

This is one of five, yes five bathing suits that mad the trip with us. A girl just can't have too many...

This is how Eden liked to enjoy the pool. Just kick back and float... she's just like her Daddy!

Miss Eden and her "Sassy" (Brett's Mom). Bathing suit #2!

Check out the shades... Bathing suit #3!

She LOVED the ocean! Try to ignore the "yes I'm a Momma now" swim suit.

My very smart friend Rosanne gave us the idea of putting a little pool on the beach to keep sand out of little eyes and little mouths. It worked like a charm!

Brett's brother Jim, his beautiful wife Tricia and Garrett, the best cousin in the world.

Daddies and their babies.

The whole family... Sarah (Brett's Mom), Me, Tricia (Sister in Law), Tony (Brett's Dad), Brett, Jim (Brett's brother), Eden, and Garrett


Sassy & Grandpa and the Grandbabies...

Us again.

My Loves.