Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Things Since Christmas

1. Eden Marie Cain: Surprise, surprise. Ok, so I must confess that deep down I thought that after a while you just get used to having a baby around and the amazement of it all wears off a bit. Not the case. EVERY DAY is so exciting in my house- still. I didn't know it was possible to have this much fun... Thank you so much God for designing it this way!

2. Business is suddenly booming- WOO HOO! I am so thankful for my entrepreneur husband who dreams bigger than I do but loves me enough to let me be a part of it... and I am so thankful for a God who takes care of us- in spite of us.

3. The Office. It's just so funny... so funny.

4. The discovery of melting chocolate chips with half-n-half for strawberry dipping delight.

5. Wii Fit balance games. It is the ONLY physical activity in which I have EVER beaten my husband. He is still practicing.

6. Haagen Dazs Reserve Pomegranate Chip and a spoon.

7. Holding up the end of your nose while talking for a much funnier conversation. (yes this is the kind of thing we do in the evenings. Don't roll your eyes, you know you are trying it!)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What a Merry Christmas!!!

Oh... I've gotten so very blog-lazy lately! One of my many New Year's resolutions is to return to weekly posts. You'll notice I am off with a bang by covering Christmas events on New Year's Day, but it's simply the best I can do. Lately I have been striving to be just adequate and I am perfectly ok with that... excellence is just too hard!

Ok, so quick update. Brett and I went on our first baby-free evening in mid December. We went to a little Christmas mixer and then the Granbury Live show downtown. Thank you Eisenrich's for hosting such a fun evening, thank you Doll for watching our Eden and putting our (my) minds at ease, and thank you favorite Kenneth Cole boots for finally fitting again...

Little Miss Eden just gets more fun every day. She has very distinct moods- silly, sweet, serious, cuddly, and occasionally grumpy! She is getting more active, but reminds me a little of myself. I won't use the word lazy, but lets just say content. It's like, "oh, there is my really fun toy over there but I would have to roll over to get it... so even though I am quite capable of getting there, I think I'll just lay here and play with my hands instead". It's humorous to watch.

Speaking of hands, that little girl is getting better with hers by the minute- literally. She went from holding them out to grabbing my nose to patting my cheeks in a matter of hours. I get so excited I can hardly contain it. Seriously, if nose-grabbing affects me like this, I may need sedation when she takes a step or says a word!

Speaking of saying a word (ha), she is getting so many new sounds and loves to "talk". She will sit and "coo" and "ahh" and "goo" at me or a toy or the wall... It's so sweet.

On a sadder note, almost all of her beautiful newborn hair has fallen out. She has a little patch in the back and one right on top. To be perfectly honest, it looks a little like a toupe. It's interesting though, the new hair seems to be really light and her eyes are still dark blue. Who would have ever dreamed I would birth a blonde hair, blue eyed baby... but it seems I may have. It's a little hard to tell in the picture, but most of what you see sticking up comes from 2 square inches on the top of her head!
So, Christmas was pure joy! Santa brought Eden an exersaucer and rumor has it that she may have gotten it a couple of weeks early because... well... she needed it. And she loves it.

My family came to my house in Granbury on Christmas Eve because Mom and Dad are still in the middle of building their house. Here is a good shot of Eden and Anna,

On Christmas morning, we packed up and went to Tyler to celebrate with Brett's family. It was so fun to watch Eden and her cousin Garrett. I am excited to see them actually "play" when they are a little older. Eden was pretty good at opening the packages and of course she didn't get a thing!

This is the little kitchen from her Uncle Jim, Aunt Tricia, and cousin Garrett and I can also thank them for the sweet outfit she is wearing. Now the bow is especially for her Annie and her friend Johnna, you big bow lovers know who you are!

We are unspeakably blessed and I am moved daily by all that God gives me... in spite of me. I can't believe that I get to be married to the man I have and be a part of this amazing little girl's life. God must love me more than I will ever know... He must.