Monday, June 30, 2008

I Love Being Pregnant...

I really don't title this entry with tongue in cheek... I actually do love being pregnant. It must be said that I have had a wonderfully easy time of things as I hear tough stories of terrible morning sickness, swollen feet, stretch marks, aching backs, hands, heads....and so on. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite things about being pregnant, and then a few things I have found...well...interesting.

My Favorites:

1. Being with my babygirl literally all of the time....often just her and me (doesn't that sound like terrible grammer- I promise it's correct, I checked). I can't wait to meet her face to face, but I know somehow there is a "specialness" about this time that won't be equalled.

2. My husband loving on me like I didn't know was possible... I still can't believe I get to have him.

3. Not even caring what the scale says or how my hiney looks in a pair of stretch pants (notice the horizontal stripes in the picture)...sweet freedom.

4. Getting a bunch of new clothes in a really short period of much fun.

5. Lets all be honest... the attention is really nice. Family, friends, strangers... I assure you I have never been this interesting before.

6. Feeling my babygirl move. I never get tired of it... it's like she's talking to me.

7. God revealing parts of me that He created, but I'm just now beginning to see. He's so amazing.

Now, for some of the more interesting parts of pregnancy...

1. The body that had been so familiar to me for so long was suddenly abducted by aliens... whose body is this!?

2. Just about the time I get adjusted to how I am changes.

3. No matter what position I am laying in, some body part falls asleep. The other night I woke up and tried to throw my hand out of the bed because I thought it was a book, yes- it was that numb. (should I be concerned?)

4. Hair. I love it on my head, eyebrows, and eyelashes- otherwise it's just so in the way (sorry, TMI I know).

5. My stomach is full yet I am still hungry. I didn't know those two feelings could exist at the same time...

6. How many times can one person pee in 24 hours? Seriously, what's the record?

7. Being out of breath from watering flowers.

8. Catching my reflection in a glass storefront and not immediately recognizing the person- weird feeling.

9. Being hot most of the time (I was once the girl with the blanket). Brett nearly teared up with joy when I scolded him for turning the air warmer than 68 degrees.

10. Cleavage- I have never had to deal with it before. (actually, I should probably be honest and move this up to the first list).

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vegas Baby!!!!

If you haven't been to The Wynn, it is sooo worth the trip. Beautiful!!!!!!!

OK, my sweet husband golfed all day in the heat and we finally sat down to eat at 9pm. This was actually a $38 dollop of pasta and it tasted like spagettios. He still managed a smile, but NOT one of our most successful meals.

I truly think I was the only pregnant tourist in Vegas. Perhaps it's not exactly a "prenatal" friendly destination.

It really doesn't need words....

Brett is a little shy of heights and it was REALLY windy, so we spent a total of 5 minutes at Hoover Dam. I loved it!

So, we took a final "pre-baby" vacation and Las Vegas was just the natural choice.... I mean, where else do you take your 6 months pregnant wife!?

It really was a load of fun. Neither of us had ever been there before, so I think we literally spent 3 days just walking around and looking at everything. It truly is larger than life...hooray for capitalism! We stayed at the MGM Signature which was perfect for us... It's connected to the MGM Grand, so you have easy access to all the madness- but it's closed to all but patrons, so it's nice and quiet. The rooms are all suites with insanely comfortable beds (very important to me right now). We loved it.

As cheesy as it is, I have to say my favorite part was having undivided play time with my husband. Before Brett, I really had no idea it was possible to enjoy a person so much- God is just amazing...amazing. Now, my second favorite thing was my prenatal massage. OH MY WORD! For any of you who have not experienced this, you HAVE to put it on your "next pregnancy" list. They had this awesome pillow with a cut out that looked like mickey mouse, and all the "bumpy" parts fit into the holes- you get the idea. Now I must admit, it was worth most of the cost just to lay on my stomach for a while- but the massage... well you just have to get one. I felt great for days!!!

The only downside was the trip home. Just FYI, I'm not sure if this is an American Airlines or Las Vegas airport rule, but apparently if you don't check in at least 45 min before your flight then they give away your seats and you have to fly stand-by. You can see where this is going... Now, we are not completely irresponsible, we were a the airport about 90 minutes before our flight but we had a little rental car return problem. So, we didn't "check-in" for the flight until 42 minutes before departing. You guessed it, because we were 3 minutes late it took us 8 hours to get on another flight. Yes...8 hours in the airport. The worst part was that there were flights back to DFW about every hour and we had no idea which one we would get... so, we had to just sit at the gate all day. It was awful. Brett was so calm and I don't know how. I suppose he realized that getting angry wouldn't get us anywhere. I just stood there and cried. Seriously, couldn't speak - just cried. Oh well, makes for a pretty good story now!