Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy 8 Months!!



  • She sleeps like a dream (now that she has discovered tummy sleeping it's even better)
  • Three square meals a day (I know you were worried by how thin she is :))
  • She LOVES sweet potatoes and DOES NOT LOVE green beans (she is, however, very polite about her dislike and simply looks at the floor and refuses to look at me...)
  • She has begun feeding herself little bites of banana and cooked carrots (for all my OT friends, she has an excellent pincer grasp)
  • She says DaDa and NaNa (for bananas), and for now she says BaBa instead of MaMa, but we're working on it...
  • She understands the signs for milk, eat, drink, all done, and more.
  • She does raspberries, clucks, growls, and coughs and loves to copy us making those sounds
  • She gives kisses when asked, but so far only to Mommy (I just hate that...)
  • She's very curious about everything (this has been confirmed by BOTH the church and MOPS nurseries) and always wants to find and investigate sounds, or play with whatever we (or other children) have
  • She pulls up on anything she can get her little hands around. Her favorite is our big magazine basket and ottoman. She'll stand and cruise around those forever.
  • She has been standing alone for a few seconds (her record is 7 seconds, but I was the only witness :))
  • Little Missy can crawl! This video was right after she started so she has gotten much smoother and faster, but she still uses one foot and one knee- it's really funny (people kept telling us how our lives would change once she was mobile, but I really had no idea...)

There are no words to tell you what joy Eden brings to both of us every single day. I still cannot believe God let us be a part of her life. Isn't His design amazing!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We've had such a wonderful 2 weeks!!! On April 5 we had the joy of dedicating Eden back to God during our Sunday morning service. God continually gives us so much more than we will ever deserve and that certainly includes our children. I am priviledged beyond measure that God has let us be a part of Eden's life and I am so aware of what an awesome responsibility Brett and I have been given. It is my heart's cry that she grow up with a deep and lasting understanding of the incredible love of Christ and it is our responsibility to create an environment for that to happen. Nothing brings me greater peace as a parent than to know that God loves Eden so much more than we do and I am excited beyond words to see what He does with her life...

Of course our families came to encourage us and commit to Eden girl with us, and of course there was some fun...and food...and fun...and food...

On Saturday we went with Brett's parents to a local organic strawberry patch and yes oh yes WE PICKED OUR OWN STRAWBERRIES!!!!! Now for any of you who don't know, this is the kind of thing that makes me want to skip down the street singing John Denver's "Country Road" then can some peaches and maybe quilt a little. I make no apologies. It was almost magical...

...and then there was Easter. Is there a better day? I mean really? We get to celebrate absolutely the greatest event that has ever happened in the history of everything... and we do it with family and friends that we love... and it's a beautiful time of year (rain or no rain)... and we get to put really pretty dresses on really pretty babies... and we get to eat really good food and watch really good golf... and there's candy for days... not to mention baskets and eggs- two of my favorite objects on the planet... I mean really?!

Happy Easter...